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Nikolai Levichev's speech on The 8th General Assembly of the ICAPP

20 сентября 2014

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– Dear friends, participants of the Assembly,

I would like to transmit to you the warmest greetings and the best wishes from a Just Russia Party.

First of all, I want to use this opportunity and to address our Malaysian colleagues in order to express through them our condolences and deep sympathy to the families of those citizens killed in the crash of the Boeing Malaysian airlines over Ukraine.

Unfortunately, up to now there is no clear and exact results of the international investigation. The Russian side has given all possible data for the work of the commission and is also waiting for the just final conclusion, because Russians do not want to be responsible for somebody’s crime in the sky of Ukraine.

The tragedy of the Malaysian passenger jet with people of various nations on board has proved once more a very simple truth. Modern world with its high technology transport and communications cannot be divided into different independent parts. It is one system, where all countries depend on everything which may happen everywhere.

Who could have thought at that tragic day that people from very distant Malaysia could die over Ukraine? Even without any result of investigation we may say for certain that they have fallen victims to the Ukrainian military conflict. The conflict which could and should have been prevented by the international efforts.

Now not only Russia but many countries suffer the negative effects of the sanctions. It makes already no difference that the Western powers and the USA were the first to introduce sanctions against Russia and Moscow had to respond in order to defend its national interests. The negative result is a real heavy harm for many states which cooperated with Russia and had nothing to do with the Ukrainian conflict.

The majority states of Asia, except Japan, maybe, are not influenced by the sanctions. But if the West and USA continue with new anti-Russian measures, our country will be forced to close flights of Western air companies over its territory to Asian countries. And then the negative effect for your region will be significant. Do you need that? Why the complex of links between Europe and Asian continent should suffer?

So, the lesson of this unpleasant situation is clear. Even those local military conflicts, which seem small and insignificant, may turn to a real danger for many states in any part of the world. The best way to avoid this is to take urgent and effective international measures to stop a conflict at the very beginning before it can grow to a big disaster for many countries and people.

If the institute of United Nations and its Security Council do not work properly, then we should try to begin such preventive job in our regions, in Asia in our case, in order to avoid appearance of conflicts in our area. If everywhere political parties and other social forces do this, there will be a real chance to make our world more safe and peaceful.

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